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Do the following: Download this PDF document and follow the instructions contained in the document. Here you get also to know how to download the Beta Version.

Only for Vista, Windows XP, 7 and 8..

If you will like to discover what is happening in the VirtuChat then you should sign up as 'Beta Tester'. How do you do it and what is required of you as a Beta tester?

When registering, we get to know what computer you want to use for the test and how much it can handle, this is done by filling out some fields in our registration form. It is important that you complete them as well as possible.

We expect you to give us some feedback on possible defects / faults, yes,,, good ideas are also more than


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What kind of music is used in VirtuChat? Download a sample ZIP file.
Yes, VirtChat is a big world. From a big city on Earth to a moon at Jupiter.

Our Info bot's show you around in our big world.

Take a look at a movie recorded directly inside the game.

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