VirtuChat 1
A picture page from one of the world's 'largest' 3D PC computer games.

Her kan du hente den Danske version:

VirtuChat started in 2004 as a multiplayer game with multiple servers running and stopped again in 2012. I decided to 'revive' the old game, but this time as a singleplayer game version without 'Internet connection' and servers.
The VirtuChat is made with the older 'Year 2000' Torque graphics engine, which does not exploit all the possibilities of the new graphics cards and the 'FPS' relies most of the CPU power.
But it doesn't get boring, it's pressed to the extreme as you can see on the pictures.

From real life ..

From VirtuChat ..
We have done everything we could for the graphics details that the 'old' technology allows us.
Here my childhood home in Copenhagen F.

Here Ivan lives.

Here is his little garden.
Many places are open so you can go inside.
Our transport system in VirtuChat:

Take a ride on the old tram in the city 'Staden'.

We have Metro trains to many of our destinations.

How about taking a ride on a real train?

You can sit down during the whole trip and enjoy the view.

In some places you have to sail to arrive.

Up in the space the transport happen by 'Space Buses'.
In some places, you can fly in your own spaceship.

There are many cars to choose from, all of which are easy to drive.

The driver is mounted almost correctly.
The car control is done with the mouse and arrow keys.
Travel into Adventure Worlds: 

Here you can experience both excitement and eerie things.

How about a nice lunch in the woods with the 'friends'.

Heading out on adventure.

Going skiing in snow and cold.

It's you they're looking for ..

Can I help :-).
********* Travel into Space **********

If there's no life out there, it's a big waste of space
Visit The Terminal with a Space Bus..

Say hello to your friends (PS: There was life out there).

A journey of light years out into the Universe.

The spaceship Vega.

10 light years away .. The solar system Eridani and the planet 'D'.
Here you can, among other things, fly your own UFO.

Make no mistake about the kindness shown here.

Øhhh .. I hope not to disturb you ..

I could keep displaying pictures from our game from our many places, but I chose to stop here.
So the best thing I can suggest now is that you 'download' our VirtuChat 1.
But before you do, I recommend that you first download one of the 2 introductory books. One is in English text or the other with Danish text.
In these books you will also find the 'link' to the game itself, which, in total, fills 'a little under a GB' packed into a ZIP file.
An exciting world awaits ....